Sunday, 30 August 2015


A love note to Greece. I'll be back. I promise:
You could start with the weather, blue skies as far as you can see:

Add in the sweet spot-on house we rented on Santorini

House cat Minnie: 

Kudos to the host (and birthday meal chef). Check out the house here to book for the next perfect summer.

Santorini's delights were a'plenty: views for miles, red beaches, hot springs oh and those blue tops churches? As beautiful as expected and everywhere:

Even the travelling was ridiculously picturesque:

Then onto Sifnos - the tiny, perfectly pretty, untouched (high rise buidlings are banned - hurrah) island that dreams are made of. Ah Sifnos...

And one final low key sunset on the mainland...
So yeah it was alright I guess? (take me back!)

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Botany, E5

As I'm now a card carrying, mortgage paying Hackney resident, it seems only appropriate for me to delve into the ever expanding collection of creative shops right on my doorstep. So today I took a trip to Botany, the loveliest, leafiest shop on the excellent Chatsworth Road.

It only opened last year but this plant inspired lifestyle store has already made its name as the go to destination for beautiful plant pals, gifts and a bit of botanical inspiration.

I even picked up a lovely new addition to my plant family while I was there...

Friday, 12 June 2015

Manmade: Crafty Fox Market, E1

The excellent Crafty Fox Market are celebrating something you don't see enough of in the designer/maker world - Men who Make - with their first Manmade market. 

This weekend Crafty Fox, the always awaited seasonal designer/maker market, are teaming up with the online resource for crafty excellence Etsy. The idea was dreamed up by Crafty Fox regular, the talented textile designer Sam Wingate, to gather the lesser spotted the top male makers from London's craft scene with super stalls, talks, a bar and a barber. It's manmade but there's nothing synthetic about this! 

Open tomorrow Saturday 13th June , from 11-8, so head on down to the Truman Brewery, tis free entry. I saw an ace talk from inspiring design duo Mini Moderns on branding but there's even more tomorrow including the fantastic king of cross-stitch: Mr X Stitch

Here's a couple pics I grabbed and my own attempt at screenprinting (nailed it obvs):
Sort letter press products are not just ace, but you can also letter press your own for just a pound!
Too cute wooden toys from Greenmade:
Loved I am Acrylic's clever designs (the makers were bigger in real life...):
Beautiful bespoke furniture from Biggs & Quail
And a whole load more people I was too busy chinwagging with to snap like: Jimbobart, Ray Stanbrook Prints, Postcode Prints and Bent Copper (extra points for the brilliant name choice!).

There's also some man led crafts to try out. I turned my hand at screenprinted with the help of Mr Wingate (and the very helpful Justine Ellis too - thank you!). I think it went pretty well actually (brushes off shoulders). 

Obviously it started with some dutch courage: 
Shape getting cut...
Printing time...

Ta daaa!
Whadda you reckon?!
Head on down to day two of Manmade tomorrow if you have a chance. Ladies more than welcome :)

Friday, 29 May 2015

Hastings #GatheredCheerSocial

A tiny peek into a lovely day: Ruth Garner, the super sweet lady behind the Gathered Cheer blog, has come up with a generous idea: Gathered Cheer Socials. A new kind of casual, no strings attached meet up for fellow bloggers to explore a new (and blogger friendly obvs) area. Gathering likeminded folk together with no pressure and no brand involved, just to hang out, explore a new place and enjoy a bloody jolly day out! 

So over the long weekend Ruth paired up with another blogger pal Jeska Hearne the creative mind behind the ever-beautiful Lobster & Swan blog (oh and the excellent online shop The Future Kept too) to give a happy gang of bloggers a tour of her home town: Hastings! 

Now I clearly had *far* too much fun to snap as happy as I'd planned (and could easily have snapped more but there was lots of chatting to be done instead...). But here's a little look into the fun we had taking a turn around the charming, creative (and quality antique shop heavy!) winding street of Hastings, its seafront and beautiful old town.
Some top shops include: Hendy's Home Store - wonderful vintage kitchenalia and homeware. I may *ahem* have done a bit of shopping here...let's just say enamel pans and Wood's Ware and leave it at that...

Wayward Haberdashery - the most beautiful, varied and (oh my) tactile! selection of fabrics, trimmings, ribbons and so many buttons. A must for anyone who has even looked at a sewing machine...

Bobo Flower and Garden Shop - there were flowers here that I've never even *seen* in a flower shop before - foxgloves, lupins and the biggest blousiest beautiful peonies ever...
Bobo flowers modelled here...the only way the wear them dontcha know :)

If you'd like to find out more about these Gathered Cheer Socials, Ruth lists upcoming events up on her blog and follow the hashtag #GatheredCheerSocial to see more from the great bunch of ladies I had the pleasure to hang out with in Hastings.