Thursday, 14 May 2015

Flat snippets

The flat, it seems, is starting to come together nicely. Still lots to do, but it very much feels like home already. So I thought I'd share some snaps of bits I'm already happy with (just wait though...the pegboard is coming soon!).

Every home needs a spanner lamp :)
Shelves, books, plants - all things that make me happy: 
As does this little guy:
Legs eleven: 
Cheese plant pal (four months old and actually still alive!):
And big thanks to the lovely folk at Out There Interiors for donating this super hanging planter to the new flat:
Its succulent friend is settling into its new home nicely too I think.

Out There Interiors planter available here and plant (I think it is maybe an aloe vera?!) from good old Columbia Road Flower Market.  

Monday, 4 May 2015

French mini break

A very Bridget Jones title. But no turkey buffets or ill-advised bunny outfits here I promise.  Just snaps of the beautiful Midi-Pyrenees area in late April. Heavy on wisteria, doorways, hidden cats and lovely luscious greenery:  

And c'est moi:  

A bientot! 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Picture of the day: (Easter) Monday 6th April

Today I started with: A quiet bank holiday. Time to browse to find the perfect pattern. A ream of the lovely Liberty Tana Lawn fabric from the Styling The Seasons event back last year. A bit of sewing machine practice. 

And I ended up with these: 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Friday, 3 April 2015

One Good Deed Today: E2

One Good Deed Today. Is an admirable motto to live by (what's *your* good deed been today?), but it's also an excellent new shop too. 
This lifestyle store is right on Kingsland Road in the heart of Hoxton. Its (hard to photograph, but you get the point...) neon sign and the promise of lifestyle products, coffee and doughnuts are enough to tempt any self-respecting Hoxtonite away from the lure of the neighbouring Vietnamese restaurants.
One Good Deed has a pleasing mix of paired back and often nicely unexpected products (homeware, accessories, apothecary), featuring lots of independent designers.

The Garden Edit section and some superb plants in store especially tickled this new houseplant obsessive

And extra points given for this most impressive cheeseplant - just look at this monster!:
But now let's talk about the elephant in the didn't think I wouldn't bang on about that AMAZING floor did you?! The impressive interior of One Good Deed was actually designed by one of its owners (who also has her own products on-sale in the store too natch) who hand coloured these marvellous wooden tiles. I need this pattern and colour combo in my life. On my floor. As tiles on my wall. As a fabric on my bed. Anywhere. Love!:

Lovely. Anyway do pop into One Good Deed Today (or they also have a rather nice website). Go for the shop (and the floor), but don't forget to stay for the doughnuts mmm.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

My week in craft

Maybe it's the hint of spring in the air, maybe my nesting has gone into overdrive since our move or maybe I've just spent too much time reading the lots and lots and lots of lovely crafty blogs I follow...but whatever the reason this week has become The Week of All Things Crafty...

And at home: I've dusted off (literally) my sewing machine and had a couple of practice runs back on the trusty old friend. Modelled by Crumpet here: 

Slightly out of season but these were *clearly* the only socks to wear while sewing...
With friends: Russian Doll crafting with the Blookclub gang at the excellent Ziferblat (pay per minute and quaff all the tea you can drink) cafe: 
Russian Doll now settling in back at mine:
And even at work: as we put on a Thornback & Peel screenprinting bloggers evening, which was lots of Easter themed inky fun too: