Friday, 17 November 2017


Winter is coming. Bring out the rugs. Shaggy, fluffy, killims, drurries or sisal. I love 'em all. On carpet or floorboards you can't beat the cosy, homely feel of a rug beneath your feet. I could find an excuse for a rug in any room, given the space (except maybe the bathroom - soggy permanent bathmat doesn't sound like the best idea...).

Getting ready for the prospect of a draughty old house for winter, after being in a brand new permanently-toasty flat for three years, can only be an excuse to indulge my rug obsession (and probably jumper on too to be honest). I've already got me one of these badboys (badly haggled from a Moroccan market) that I'm earmarking for the bedroom. But with rug layering quick becoming a trend I'm willing to add a few more to the mix. Y'know in the name of the science of interior decoration. I'm generous like that. 

Here's some of my favourites on the market at the moment:
From Arro Home, Haze Rug in pink, £199-£399 (or any of their rugs to be honest!)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


I'm still working on my bed of dreams (although this one in a recent Toast campaign came pretty damn close). But when my favourite creator of curious knitted products Donna Wilson launched her very own bed linen collection...I knew what my perfect bed would be wearing. 

Riffing on her well-loved naive designs and lovable characters, it's a super sweet range of crisp linens decorated in sausage dogs, bird feet and rain clouds. And it's dreamy. 
The Rainy Day design is just calling for a duvet day:

Just add *real* cats and the Flying Birds design is ready to go:

The sweet Bird Feet design has stamped its mark on this set of linen.

Never thought you could get a subtle Sausage Dog print? Me neither. But this'll prove us wrong: 

Donna Wilson, bed linen collection, price from £75-£105

Monday, 13 November 2017


*Dusts off keyboard* 

So the last year has been a bit weird...I made one of these and subsequently launched this...which has kept me rather busy (more the first one to be honest...). 

Which meant that my precious mugs, rugs and exquisite antique sofas were temporarily overlooked (I know!). But with a baby who has (finally...) got interested in napping and a potential move to a nice big decoration project on the cards, I'm getting the band back together - so stay tuned for even more mugs, product round-ups and before/after projects from someone who has never actually had a chance to pick up a paintbrush before. Wish me luck.

As Mondays are still, as we know, very much For Mugs what better way to get back into the swing of things than with the finest of all types of mug: The Cat Mug. Oliver Bonas got this spot on for feline fans like me with Saskia. A simply sweet mug that's ready to be filled with strawberry milkshake (ideally drunk while wearing cat ears obvs).

Monday, 24 April 2017


An overriding symbol of modern motherhood: the half drunk cold cup of tea. Gimme mine in this gem of mama merch and I'll happily gulp it down: 
Mama Bolt Mug, £9.50, Mere Souer